Private Label

Private Label

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Private labeling is more than putting your company’s name and logo on a product. It is a representation of your company, your identity, and your reputation. The products you choose to private label should meet the same high-standards you set for your company.

PLZ Aeroscience’s products are recognized and sold worldwide, and those same quality products are available to your company for a private label program. With a custom-designed label, it is easy to build customer loyalty and strengthen your brand with a line of PLZ quality formulas.

With more than 200 professional strength, high-quality aerosol and specialty products to choose from, PLZ Aeroscience customers have the advantage of building and expanding their product lines without expense and delay.




The creation of your formula is uniquely developed by the PLZ team to meet your individual needs. The PLZ Formulation Team is dedicated to the quality and performance of each finished product. When customers are looking for more specific formulations, PLZ offers a wide variety of formulation options that go above and beyond a standard product line.

From creating formula specifications for customer-specific product to formulating and packaging NBE-tested products, we do it all, everyday.


PLZ Product Fill

 Product Fill

Once the formula is established, PLZ takes pride in the industry-leading efficiencies on the production line that ensure speed to market for your product.

With 8 manufacturing facilities, 38 aerosol and 9 liquid filling lines, high-speed lines capable of 300 cans per minute we support you in reaching the next level of success.


PLZ Quality Control Quality Control

All PLZ products manufactured in the USA meet rigid quality control standards. Every ingredient used is accepted by either the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, the US Occupational Safety & Health Administration or the EPA. Cans are hermetically sealed, tamper resistant and packed to meet official US Department of Transportation standards.

We are the experts in the field and are prepared to produce product safely and efficiently at every stage of the process.


PLZ Packaging Packaging

Even the best product formulas won’t impress your customer if it never makes it into their cart, that is why package design is essential to convey the product features and capabilities.

PLZ provides professional custom package design services, including printed labels or direct printing on cans.

Single, Twin, multi-packs of products are available for your merchandising needs. Also, ask about pallet, point of purchase and custom case options – we do it all.


PLZ Storage and Shipping Storage and Shipping

Due to our volume capabilities, warehousing is like second nature to us.

24/7, 365, we maintain a world-class warehousing system that accurately and efficiently moves hundreds of thousands of units a year.



Key Product Categories

  • Home Care
  • Air Care
  • Auto
  • Personal Care
  • Home Improvement
  • Insecticides
  • Industrial
  • Food
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Why PLZ?

  • Manufacturing facilities across USA and Canada
  • Formula development – Custom or Off-the-shelf
  • Flexible MOQ’s
  • Packaging design services
  • In-house Regulatory Affairs team
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